fear no bitch trust no player
Antony Cook
"   Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.   "

yeah like the dude that asked me what i did and is said “architecture”
he replied with “oh you are of those girls” i said “one of those what girls?”

"you know, a smart girl"

uh thanks. i guess. what does that even mean? do i think about things too much?

I’m good I’m just tired.my studio final is friday. my best friends birthday is right now and i can’t be with her to celebrate. a guy i really liked has started to fizzle away but i think its in everyone’s best interest that it does. I’ve never been one to practice any self control but now that I’m getting older i feel like i should, i also tend to fall in love so easily. with anyone. and everyone. I’m not ready to get squashed again. i saw a picture of donald with his new/old (recycled? lol) girlfriend. he looked so happy. my mom says i should be happy he is happy if i truly loved him but i can’t tell yet. i wonder if i was just being capricious in my alleged love for him or if i actually meant it. i used to find him so beautiful. maybe I’m a little like chris; crazy over beautiful things until i no longer find them so. I’m glad he seems okay i wish i could say something nice. maybe to make him and his girlfriend act less awkward when they see me. i wonder if they think i’ll freak out if he were to acknowledge my presence? i sure hope not, what the heck would i even do? i would never go nuts on two people who have clearly wanted to be together for so long. everything is in its right place.  

oh and i leave for rome in less than 3 weeks
This was one of those times when I (of course) fell in love and @linazoo went to a lame party with me so I could stare. Romeo and Mercutio style. Happy birthday to my #1 true blue sister from another mister @linazoo


astronattt said: This guy sucks in bed.You deserve someone to make you feel 100 and who knows what to do with a woman

I don’t think those guys exist and/or want me lol

i promise they exist and they will want you BUT know that the power is within you. it took me a while to find mine but i did eventually. now if someone doesn’t seem interested in even looking at my vagina before they fuck me, they are not going to. 

Bear Birthday in Oregon #35mm